…where the bright sun is high in the sky and reigns over us; where colours are brilliant; where the scents in the air, the beauty of the landscapes, and the flavours of local products have always delighted visitors.
Around here, the sun is worshipped and its light is endless. Around here, colours shine forth. Here, the beauty of the landscapes, the fragrances of the local products have always delighted visitors.
On our lands of exchange and share, generosity and conviviality are the main state of mind.
These lands have traditionally been the crossings between generosity and conviviality.

Welcome to Provence.
“Justin de Provence” is located right in the middle of our beautiful area. There are many places to see whether you are fond of nature or wine, olive oil, fields of lavenders, old and picturesque villages, Roman antiques, hiking or walking, Provencal markets; if you like rummaging for antiques or having lunch/dinner in a good restaurant, Isabelle & Philippe will be pleased to guide you and give you some advice for any visits and of course the must-dos of our area.